Saturday, February 8, 2014

Space Eldar Army: Guardians on jetbikes

  I'm glad to show you the next work in the Space theme - it's a big cloud full of eldar jetbikes in blue color. Ok, only nine jetbikes ). 
  I used alternative jetbikes and GW guardians here.
   Рада представить мою следующую  работу в космической тематике - синюю тучу эльдарских джетбайков. Ну хорошо, всего лишь девять.
  При создании использовала альтернативные эльдарские джетбайки и пачку гв-шных гвардианов.

 Three bikes with optional weapons. They can be identificated by one-hand-driving pilots.

 The second trio:
 And the third trio:


  1. So these aren't GW models? I'm a bit out of the loop on what's current but I really like how you've positioned the riders to lean forward... much better than the standard pose of the old plastic/metal kits.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it's not GW jetbikes. I used these but my client asked me to change the pilots to GW guardians for more armored and better view.

  2. Wow, these are mind blowingly good!! I am completely stunned lol

    Why go to such amazing lengths :O Dare I ask the technique used on these? Airbrush with tiny brushes?

  3. Where did you get the bases from?