Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bananalicious2 - my results!

  If you're in this hobby, you know Massive Voodoo, of course, the incredible monkey gang from Germany. Since my first days in hobby they influenced on my painting - with their blog with tons of wonderful articles about all in the hobby - theory and practice, with their stunning works, which always were as an example for me for super quality painting and crazy-idea-base-building. 
   I was lucky to meet some members of MV team in my life and spent several days with them. Now I'm talking about Roman and Raffa, who are, to my mind, an engine of all team. I'll always keep in my heart those two days of private coaching with you, your hospitality and alacrity to share with all your knowledge with us.
  And now I want to thank you again for Bananalicious2. You've done the biggest on-line contest in our hobby-world and did it twice)! Thank you for all that time, spending with mails, pictures and discussions, I can't even imagine how hard it was. And it's a honor to me to participate in such event and especially win some prizes, because the competition was really brutal!

   Also I want thanks Toni, the owner of army which won silver on this contest. We're working about two years together for creating Space Eldar army (and doing it now - with new units). I am grateful for all your ideas in painting and conversions, and for this commission at all. It's a big work in my painting life.

  And, of course, I want to thanks Peter, the owner of Harlequin Wraithlord. His wonderful and sad  story about eldar twins inspires me for the greatest work in this year. It was so interesting to solve that task and embody Peter's history on the real model, to show all that he wrote about. And I'm so happy that Wraithlord won "The best of show"! It means that I've done all right and other people can see the history in the model. 

 So my result in Bananalicious is:
Army Painting - silver
Fantasy Master - gold 
Best of show
Best of Master categories
  I'm very proud of it, because much time has passed since the last international contest where I took a part. And this small win lights my heart and inspires for new interesting projects!