Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Space Eldar Army.

I want to summarize all units in one army - and I have a common picture of it!
Now it's taking part in Massive Voodoo contest "Bananalicios2" in Army painting category. I'm really proud of this big work and wish a lot of wins in battles and in the contest!

And every unit separately:
Crimson Hunter
War Walkers
Fire Prizm
Guardians on jetbikes
Wave Serpents

Spiritseer 1
Farseer on jetbike 1
Warlock on jetbike 1
Dire Avengers 1
Dire Avengers 2
Aegis Defense line and markers
Support weapon
Spiritseer 2
Warp Spiders

And now ... it's not the end ). I'm waiting for new models in this army )