Monday, December 11, 2017

Exodite Avatar. WIPs

This is short story of birth of my another favourite project in 2017. It's an Eldar Avatar painted with non-standard color scheme. 
Idea of Exodite Avatar was offered me by his owner, Peter Almo. I just tried to bring his vision in reality. Peter, thank you for one more beautiful mini in my portfolio! )

And here's Peter's thougts, which serve me as a starting point for painting:
"The idea is to have the Avatar come out of the lore if the exodite Eldar. The exodites saw the destructive path the Eldar were going down, and left to start new worlds before the downfall. Eventually the eldars extreme decadence brought about the birth of the chaos god slaanesh who destroyed most of the Eldar, that's why there are so few left. The exodites colonized planets many light years away, and there lifestyle became very agricultural and simple. The exodites are characterized by very verdant themes with lots of natural growth and flowers, as the exodites live in very lush, green societies. My idea is that they still worship the Eldar god khaine, but that when he manifests as an Avatar for the exodites, he doesn't appear as molten fiery rock anymore, but rather an explosion of life and nature. I'm imagining a model defined by beautiful overgrowths of nature, with flowers, bursts of green and even wood. "

Ok,  lets go!

There was two variants for the body: corc or stone. We've decided to do stone body covered with moss as a base for flowers.

Here's a picture of half-painted body, you can see right leg unpaited. I remember, I painted it whole day. And my hasband quiсkly looked at him at the evening and asked me: "He's still only primed. What did you do all day?" )))

Finished stone base

Start working with face

Continue painting wood texture and other details:

 First version of hair, failed, not spring atmosphere:


Second version of hair:

Planting flowers:

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  1. I'm obviously biased, but I must say this piece is absolutely stunningly beautiful. The pictures, as lovely as they are, honestly don't do it justice, in person it just blows you away. I actually love this model even more than Cicero, and when I'm not using him in a game, have him lovingly placed in a small case in our main living area, for all to see. There are a lot of miniature painters out there throughout the world; but I am reminded daily that I've been blessed to get to work with the absolute best in Nadya. She continues to work on different ideas I have, and I just get excited to think about other ideas that will eventually be brought to life by your beautiful hand. Thank you Nadya!