Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Winter Angel is ahead!

It's a great news: a new hobby project Russian alternative was born in the chaotic depths of russian miniature community some times ago. 
And its nearest plans are: 
      - 25.01.2012 - a painting competition on-line "Tatyanin day", female miniatures only. (And I had already sent my work for it!)
       - 17.03.2012 - a global painting miniatures competition "Winter Angel". This competition will be really ambitious, as invited to attend all comers. Now there are more than 40 people in a list of participants and  I see there such names as Cyril Kanayev, Natalia Melnik and others very, very good artists. And we're expecting a really star judging: Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish and Jose Manuel Palomares Nuñez. Of course, I and my husband will take part in it (what to do, what to paint?!!!), because it's impossible to miss such event in Moscow!

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