Monday, January 23, 2012

Demonette 54mm

I am so glad to paint this miniature by Allan Carasco. It was my first chaos creature.  I tried to find my own solution because it's impossible for me just to close to the author's painting level. In addition, a taste of my customer was on the violet-skin side. So I chose  a fantastic Demon from Raffaele Picca as my inspiration. 
Finally I like this result very much because I was so afraid to start this work for  about a month.   It was my first experience of painting 54 mm miniature. And I can say that it is really difficult for me to blend colors on such large surfaces. 
Also, I've tried to mix metallics and HMM, and I like it. Metallics add natural shining for armor parts.Though it seems a  little bit  harder for me. And It was a first time I painted a blood on my miniatures!


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