Friday, November 2, 2012

Borgut Facebeater

  This is my first WH FB Orc. To my mind there is no difference with WH 40K Orks except guns. 
  I've decided to use "Dmitry's style" here :). He didn't publish his last minis on coolmini but he has a loot of really good works. I tried to repeat his Оrk in my interpretation. He called this technique "speed painting" but I spend a lot of time for it. Before I wanted to use such kind of metal for my Tau Crisises and Broadsides (five of them are waiting my hands) and now I think about how much time I will do it! :)  But eyes are fearing and hans are doing. Now I have an expirience, may be Dmitry will give me some comments, advises and ... secrets (of course, I'll ask hin about it :)). And I can do it!
 So here is my funny yellow orc:


  1. Классный Орк! Надежда, где нибудь можно увидеть Ваши ранние работы? И еще вопросик у Вас художественное образование?

  2. Спасибо за отзыв! Мои ранние работы есть в галерее на кульках: А раньше 2009 и нет - я только с этого года "в теме". Высшего именно художественного образования нет, я посетила курсы рисунка и живописи, о которых подробно описала в блоге ранее.