Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Wolf's Den. Part 2: Inhabitants.



  In my imagination Ashan-Tyr has some oriental image, so my goal was to overcome this inner conviction and insert her into the forest atmosphere. Also, I really wanted to make her a "peach" skin. The first result was based on the GW Bleached bone, and it hadn't a success, becausу the skin got a greenish dead tone. After a alcohol bath for me Ashan-Tyr  I tried a scheme based on the VMC Ochre brown + VMC Pale sand. And I was quite satisfied with the result.
  Then I began to select a clothing. If I was not tied to the woods, be sure I painted the clothes in blue color. But in this context it would look alien, thereforeI chose green.
  Here are my attempts to make transparent clothes. I've got some kind of nonsense.
After some agony I decided not to go this hard way, and painted it as usual.
And Ashan-Tyr takes her place in the forest.


Ashan-Tyr in the forest.


This "man" did not escape the alchocol bath too. My first choice of color scheme was unsuccessful, cold and lifeless for the forest atmosphere. Here's the step after which he went "swimming":

Armed with warm colors I started all over again. And so my new Varhar was born. To my mind it is my best miniature for today. 

The final work will be in the next separate post.

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