Monday, July 1, 2013

Results of The Crystal Hammer 2013

The Crystal Hammer 2013 took place at 29, June in Moscow as a part of  the annual Moscow Games Day.
Everything went as usual: lots of board games, a bit of miniatures, several game tables. In principle, you could find something to occupy yourself for a holiday. But all spoil a few points: 35 degree heat, the room without air conditioning and no chairs to "sit down." In the end I felt in a fog and was
in a strange state of my mind at the awards ceremony at five o'clock.
Showcases were placed really bad because of rear lighting so it was hard to look at the works (no words about the photography). Thank you so much for Yarik's first photo report, where you can see some of the prizes! I took some photo and insert it in my list untill I'll find the official photos.

However, here are the results of the last contest

 1: Single  Science Fiction

1. Nadezhda Reka
2. Zaytzev Vitaly
3. Usachev Alexey

  2: Unit Science Fiction

1. Marina Ainagoz
2. Nadezhda Reka
3. Yaroslav Dmitriev

  3: Vehicles  and Monsters Science Fiction

1. Marina Ainagoz
Nomad Lizard
2. Yaroslav Dmitriev
3. Mikhail Starov

  4: Single Fantasy и Steampunk

1. Nadezhda Reka
Empire General
 2. Marina Ainagoz
3. Yaroslav Dmitriev

  5: Unit Fantasy и Steampunk

1. Sergey Gybin
2. Kataurov Alexander
3. Nadezhda Reka

  6: Monsters Fantasy и Steampunk

1. Marina Ainagoz
Nemesis Clone
2. Nadezhda Reka 
Lord of Tzeentch on Disc
3.  Sergey Gybin

  7: Single historic  28 mm

1. Yakimov Alexandr
2.  Usachev Alexey

3. Stalbovsky Vladimir

8:  Unit historic

1.  Usachev Alexey

  9: Vehicles and beasts historic 28mm

1. Mikhail Starov

10:  Duel!

1.Mikhail Starov

  11: Diorama

1. Nadezhda Reka
The Wolf's Den
2.  Kataurov Alexander
3. Sergey Gusev

  12: Open

1. Kataurov Alexander
2. Nadezhda Reka
Nekhar the Ecstatic
 3. Ponomarev Denis

  13: Dystopian Gothic Firestorm Battle Fleet 

1. Marina Ainagoz

2.  Usachev Alexey

3. Ershov Daniil

INFINITY Best on show

Marina Ainagoz

Absolute Winner

Nadezhda Reka
Well I got to the next step in my creative way - Absolute Winner  at Crystal Hammer 2013. A couple of years ago I could only dream of it!. This means one thing: desire, hard work and your dreams will come true! Good luck!


  1. Congratulations! Some tough competition there.


  2. Классные работы отличной художницы! От всей души поздравляю!

    1. Спасибо, Ярослав! У вас тоже были замечательные работы! Я не выложила их, так как боюсь ошибиться. Если вы публиковали их где-нибудь - я была бы рада ссылочке, разместить ее здесь.

  3. Надежда, к вашим услугам :-) :

    1. Спасибо, Ярослав. Очень красивая работа. Такое удовольствие - смотреть на подобного уровня работы!

  4. Do you got any contact / website of the painter Yaroslav Dmitriev. I really like his Necrons and I've got some questions to it.

    1. Good evening! If you are still interested, my email -

      and skype - yaroslav40k