Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shimmer leaping half drow female. HassleFree

It was a hard choice for the miniature for The Spring Angel from the Russian Alternative. I wanted to paint a rider but it doesn't match for the rules. Suddenly I saw an on-line competition on WAMP forum with HassleFree miniatures. One of it - Shimmer - was waiting for my hands for two eyars and it was a good chance to give it a life. This is my first miniature of this manufacturer and I got a really great pleasure to paint it.
The idea of big tree was born from a stick under her feet. It was my second expirience of tree-building, first was in the Wolf's DenIt went all the easier, and a frame was made of a thin wire, and the texture of the bark turned out smaller.  
  I choose a "forest" color scheme. In this case I had to do focus on the head / face of the character, despite its camouflage. A bright-red hair helped me to do it.
Shimmer is a good fighter: the third place in this wonderful competition from Russian Alternative and the first place on the WAMP forum.



  1. Hi. Sorry to post it here, but I'm looking for any www or facebook page of the Yaroslav Dmitriev. He, has presented some nice painted Necrons in last painting contest. Do you got any?

    1. Good evening! If you are still interested, my email -

      and skype - yaroslav40k

  2. Hello I would love to know more about the foliage and ground effects you use. Any tips hints or tricks?