Monday, April 7, 2014

Space Eldar Army: HQ on jetbikess. WIP

  И, наконец, последний кусочек Космической армии эльдар - командиры на байках: Колдун, Провидец и Автарх. Целью конверсий было посадить их на байки, учитывая, что байки не родные гв-шные.
  И, конечно, все они имеют опциональное оружие в соответствии с кодексом, которое я покажу позднее, когда ребята будут покрашены. 

  And this is a last part of big Space Eldar army project.Now I want to share my conversions of Warlock, Farseer and Autarch. The goal was - to sit them on jetbikes. And I've done it. 
  All they have optional weapon, but I will show it later when they will be painted.

I used:
- the jetbike, the pilot legs and the pilot left hand.
- additional hand with sword (from my bits)
- green stuff.
I replaced the spear stuff on metal one because finecast is auwul thing, but it's easy to cut and drill it for conversions.

I used: 
- the jetbike, the pilot legs and the pilot left hand again
- one more additional hand with sword
- green stuff, of course.

 I used
- the jetbike and the upeer parts of the pilot legs
- the GW Autarch on Jetbike Upgrade Pack  for lower parts of legs and hand and weapon options
- GW Eldar autarch
- now I'm waiting for more eldar autarch for his head with mandiblasters as optional head  for this unit

 And now it's time to paint them!!!

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