Monday, November 28, 2011

First work of my son

The world of miniature painting captured the smallest member of our family - our little son. I'm proud to publish his first work - an elf (Zvezda). He did it about one year ago and he was only 6.5 years old. This elf was choosen because of its large scale and low price (don't feel sorry for the first "test pen"). Now he wants to paint a space marine and we've already picked a model. I hope that this post will push him to new challenges. Good luck, my son!

Agonn the Ardent. Confrontation

In principle, there were no special issues in this work. The only trouble was the color choice of a scarf at a waist and a plume. First I've decided to do it red, but after applying the base coat I was worried that it will be too bright and defiant. So I've changed a color to a blue and white. And now, here is a young knight in shining gold armor.
 And a bigger picture
And one more picture with other lighting

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boors with Axe. Confrontation.

After a long break I went back to work. And these guys were my attempt to recall  "how to paint": trio of dwarves from Confrontation. The guys turned out really different: pale pitiful blond, impulsive red-haired and very unkind dark man.  In general the work was very interesting, and ... oh, my God, how I've missed the painting!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song of Life and Death

This was my entry for Italian Golden Demon 2011. Unfortunately, it won nothing. Of course, the reasons were quite objective - the level of works exhibited there was just amazing and didn't go to any comparison with my work. But this is my first global project, I've gained a lot of expirience  of terrain building from it.
Of course
I see a lot of mistakes now: statics, no conversions, controversial idea,  the execution of diorama is rough and has a big amount of defects (I know its all :)).
But I'll repeat - this is my first experience of a global project. It was first time I tried to use a lot of objects (snow, waterfalls and etc.) so its were made "as it happened." This diorama took a lot of time and took a piece of my soul, so finally I've decided to publish a little story of its birth. Maybe someone will find something useful for himself.