Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vespid. My son's second miniature.

 My 8-year-old son's decided to add new unit in his T'au army and has painted his second miniature - Vespid. Well, it's so expressive color choice (I see my style :)). In this time he tried to paint more mindfully, there are some highlights on the wings and what a glowing effect on the gun! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Now I can breathe a sigh - I've finished this work at last. I didn't try to reach any painting heights here, as I find this model boring for me in painting. May there were some objective reasons for such fillings. And I was going to this finish about half-year. I hope he will worthily take place on a game table


 I  hear so often a question about a recipe of this gold NMM. It's not mine, I took it from White Dwarf (364) 2010 - a guide "Painting of Sanguinor". I used it while painting Sanguinary guards too. However, I skiped some steps to do it more quickly. How I like White Dwarf issues of 2010 - there were a large number of master classes and so many recipes of painting beautiful game armies. Now we haven't such things, only sales, sales, sales...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Results of the Winter Angel 2012

As I'd said before there was a great event  in Moscow on 17, March, organized by Russian Alternative. You can read some discussion about contest works on this forum: Painting. Official contest results will be published later and I'll give a link to it. I hope that nothing is messed up.
These are our judges: Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish and Jose Manuel Palomares Nuñez

Category 1: Single fantasy
1st place: Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)     CMON
2nd place: Dmitry Fesechko (Lynx)  gallery
3в place:   (Staruxa)  
 Category 2: Single Sci-Fi
1st place:  Ermolaev Vasiliy (FFF / In The Middle)   CMON
2nd place: Dmitry Fesechko (Lynx)  галерея художника
 3d place: Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)

Категория 3:Монстр fantasy
1st place:  Ermolaev Vasiliy  (FFF / In The Middle)   CMON
2тв place: Artem (Landreth)  collage
3d place: Marina Ainagoz (Ringil)

Категория 4: Техника
1st place: Marina Ainagoz (Ringil)  CMON
2nd place:  (Oxotnik-kod)  CMON
3d place: (TSE)

Категория 5: отряды:
1st place: (Oxotnik-kod)  CMON
2nd place: Marina Ainagoz (Ringil)
3в place: Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)

 Категория 6: Большая техника и монстры
1st place: Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)
 2nd place: (4К)  blog
3d place: (Gruumsh)

Категория 7: Дуэли
1st place: Kirill Kanaev (Yellow one)
 2nd place: Zubrilin Sergey (Zubr)
3d place: Sergey Gusev (Ookami)

And a main prize (overall) was taken by our incredible maestro - Kirill Kanaev:

But I want to congratulate my husband, who took 2nd place in the Duel category: I'm very, very proud of you!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning is a light ... Part 1.

      Now I want to tell about my way to improve my painting skills. Maybe someone who thinks that he or she is absolutely incapable to draw, like I did, would see that it's really possible. Yes, I've finally decided to learn some theoretical drawing aspects. Of course, this was not a long-term arts education with daily hand trainings and intimate knowledge of the technical and theoretical nuances. But this was quite enough to do better than some "masterpieces" like my first picture that I am publish here just for "memory" and for fun.
      Some time ago my friends advised me a course at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University training center I've chosen the course "Drawing. Step 1" as a first stage of training, because I needed to learn some necessary elements: form proportions, light and shade, perspective, texture, and other things. Almost all of them were really new and useful for me. I had (and I have now) a wonderful teacher - an artist Vyacheslav Ashikhin who gave us so much  positivity and self-reliance (besides knowlege). He taught us to look at each work from different sides not just "like - not like", to open up our minds and to avoid stamps and frameworks.
In general, I have a lot of positive emotions, but it's time to finish scribbling and show what I've done.

So, this is the first "test pattern" from the first lesson. And I was really proud of it: what a reversal of a head,
glare in the eyes ...). It does not matter that the head didn't fit the list, because I began to draw a nose first ... And yes, this is a self-portrait. Who saw me in life will understand the fun :)
And this was an interesting task to finish hats of varying textures (stone, fur, wood and metal). Yes, the fur hat is quite narrow, but if you have a soft head you can wear it :). 

We've drawn a lot of compositions with vases, geometric shapes, etc. during our lessons. This one was made by a hard pencil:
And I've copied this from a black and white picture:
The most difficult thing was to draw portraits because y could do everything academically right, but you fail if your picture doesn't look as the model.
This is the portrait of my son, it's turned out not quite like him.
And this is my daughter's portrait,  it's turned out more closely to the original.
Another interesting task was to paint a landscape as a copy from a color picture. I didn't believ that  this is possible when you have only a pencil. But all I could was to sit down (of course, in panic - how to do it??!) and start to draw. And four hours later, as you see, something began to appear.
So, here is my landscape homework.
A source:
 5 hours later:
And this is an interesting sample of a coal drawing. The task was draw the same landscape in 10 minutes with a piese of coal. 
That was a month of a continuous drawing, and after that I was so glad don't have any homeworks and not to draw and draw again .... But not for so long: I'm at the next step: the course "Basics of Painting." I am sure that pretty soon  I'll have some works to share.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Headhunter. Confrontation.

This is my favorite work from last painted. I gained so much plesure doing this character.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Damrahl, Drune Wyrd. Confrontation.

This character was needed in a dark bloody atmosphere, so I tried to do it as far as possible in my opinion. I like him, hope you'll do it too.


Cairn the Apostle & Griffin Icon-Bearer. Confrontation.

Yesterday there was a great event in Moscow: Russian Alternative organized its first competition Winter Angel 2012. Organizers promised to publish more detailed event report a little bit later. But now I can tell one thing - it was really a very strong competition. There was a huge number of amazing works on it, and I'm sure that judges had a hard time to choose the winners.
Specially for this case I've made several new works. None of them won prizes, but I hope, they worthily took place in this event.
Because a luck of time (as usual before any  competition!) I've decided not to paint a new sguad for the unit category but add some characters to my Griffin Spearmen trio. So I added Cairn the Apostle and Griffin Icon-Bearer.


And another pics of new miniatures:
Cairn the Apostle

Griffin Icon-Bearer