Monday, January 23, 2012

Demonette 54mm

I am so glad to paint this miniature by Allan Carasco. It was my first chaos creature.  I tried to find my own solution because it's impossible for me just to close to the author's painting level. In addition, a taste of my customer was on the violet-skin side. So I chose  a fantastic Demon from Raffaele Picca as my inspiration. 
Finally I like this result very much because I was so afraid to start this work for  about a month.   It was my first experience of painting 54 mm miniature. And I can say that it is really difficult for me to blend colors on such large surfaces. 
Also, I've tried to mix metallics and HMM, and I like it. Metallics add natural shining for armor parts.Though it seems a  little bit  harder for me. And It was a first time I painted a blood on my miniatures!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Winter Angel is ahead!

It's a great news: a new hobby project Russian alternative was born in the chaotic depths of russian miniature community some times ago. 
And its nearest plans are: 
      - 25.01.2012 - a painting competition on-line "Tatyanin day", female miniatures only. (And I had already sent my work for it!)
       - 17.03.2012 - a global painting miniatures competition "Winter Angel". This competition will be really ambitious, as invited to attend all comers. Now there are more than 40 people in a list of participants and  I see there such names as Cyril Kanayev, Natalia Melnik and others very, very good artists. And we're expecting a really star judging: Ben Komets, Matt Cexwish and Jose Manuel Palomares Nuñez. Of course, I and my husband will take part in it (what to do, what to paint?!!!), because it's impossible to miss such event in Moscow!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paladins of Alahan. Confrontation.

When I hear the word "paladin" I always imagine a knight in a pearl armor, beautiful and bright, with a sword punishing an evil. That's what I tried to put in the atmosphere of this squad. And I like the result:

Sessairs Archers. Confrontation.

When I picked up a blister with these guys, my first thought was: "Who is it?". My soul asked for something bright and unusual, so I've tried to search some information about the real Celts. I liked a few arts of them and its became the basis for the color scheme of my group.

And I've decided to paint these guys with individual color schemes (as I did it in some previously painted squads) in conformity with my vision of the nature of each character Ок, this is the result:
And a bigger pic: