Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lelith Gesperax

So, "The Russian alternative' " started its second online painting competition devoted to the "Tatyana's Day". It's celebrated in Russia since 1755 as the birthday of Moscow University, and later as a Sudents' Day. And the main condition for all paticipants was a painting of female miniature. So, my Lelith Gesperax takes part in this competition:
And, traditionally, a pair of bigger pics:
The competition was attended by many of the great Russian artists. Here is a link to resource where you can see all of the participants: Competition "Tatyana's Day". I didn't hope to won some prize because of so mighty participants. But some detailed comments of judges and other high-level artists are really good efford for me.

And I want to collect all comments about my work into a single pile. This is what comes out:

The second half of my constant "QA" (the first,of course, is my husband) - Ringil:"Nadia doesn't try to do the better work, radish! The polly turned out great but not so on the face. It would be more contrast and sharper. Well, and hair - they take almost one-third of the total figure  and require more work on it. In general if you finish the face and hair, a whole miniature would look different. " 

Dmitriy - one of my favourite artist: 
"Nadia, where are you? I mean, where is your magic NMM? Your Tanya deserves more attention to her armor."
Kirill Kanaev, grand master of the miniature painting:

"Another attractive Tatiana of my top five, honor and praise. Only a lot of white stripes along the edges slightly spoil the style."

Comment by Oleg (Kraksa), another one of my favorite artists:
A nice job. But, as it has been said before, her hair is not good enough. And, in my opinion, there is something wrong with her eyes. May be a harsh light "ate" the shadow and depth, and made this  person flat on the photo, or something else ... it is a pity. Necron witch looks very atmospheric, and author, I hope, will return to this subject. I see successful lighting effects, where the light does not "eat" model, but gives it a piquancy to the periphery.

Well, and here is the final chord - jugging comments
(Ben Komets & Matt Cexwish):
"The most sophisticated Part of this figure is for sure the glowing green cloth and the glowing green of the magic crystals on the Base. Also the Work on the details is soft and nearly flawless.
Too Bad that quality of the skin does not match the quality of the Highlights.
The Painter has a good eye for contrast but should work on the Choice of Colors. The skintone is a bit to vibrant, therefore its not looking realistic."

And score:
Technique  - 7,5 / 10
Blending - 7,1 / 10
Choice of Color -  5,5 / 10

So, my Tanya took only 9th place of 13 paticipants. It's really awfull. Now I freeze in creative crisis. I'm trying to get out with such conclusions: 1. to be more serios with any work for competition and 2. it must be "my own" miniature to avoid a lack of time and give it more my soul .


  1. He is Kirill not Cyril ;) Nice work but no so nice photos.

  2. I've fixed it. Thanks for your help.