Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cairn the Apostle & Griffin Icon-Bearer. Confrontation.

Yesterday there was a great event in Moscow: Russian Alternative organized its first competition Winter Angel 2012. Organizers promised to publish more detailed event report a little bit later. But now I can tell one thing - it was really a very strong competition. There was a huge number of amazing works on it, and I'm sure that judges had a hard time to choose the winners.
Specially for this case I've made several new works. None of them won prizes, but I hope, they worthily took place in this event.
Because a luck of time (as usual before any  competition!) I've decided not to paint a new sguad for the unit category but add some characters to my Griffin Spearmen trio. So I added Cairn the Apostle and Griffin Icon-Bearer.


And another pics of new miniatures:
Cairn the Apostle

Griffin Icon-Bearer

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