Sunday, March 25, 2012


Now I can breathe a sigh - I've finished this work at last. I didn't try to reach any painting heights here, as I find this model boring for me in painting. May there were some objective reasons for such fillings. And I was going to this finish about half-year. I hope he will worthily take place on a game table


 I  hear so often a question about a recipe of this gold NMM. It's not mine, I took it from White Dwarf (364) 2010 - a guide "Painting of Sanguinor". I used it while painting Sanguinary guards too. However, I skiped some steps to do it more quickly. How I like White Dwarf issues of 2010 - there were a large number of master classes and so many recipes of painting beautiful game armies. Now we haven't such things, only sales, sales, sales...

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