Friday, June 29, 2012

Crystal Hammer 2012

  There was an annual miniature painting contest Crystal Hammer as part of a Moscow's Games Day on  June, 23-24 in Moscow .
   As in the last year, I was closely involved both in the contest and in its organization - I made pics of
competition works.
   In general, the event has gone well, I saw some interesting work "in live", met with friends and talked to artists, won several awards ...
   However, I
was a little sad because of а  lack of so many good works in this years. Some artist who were so wonderfully exhibited at the Spring Winter Angel contes did not participate here:  Lynx, FFF, Oxotnik-kod, Ringil and many others. Even my husband left his works at home. As a result we haven't seen two or three dozen of works, which usually create healthy competition in categories. 
  Still, the competition was attended by 85 works, there were winners and here are results: 

Category 1 "Single Miniatures Science Fiction" 
1. Ivan Melnikov (Nakatan)
2. Nadezhda Reka (River)
 3. Mezcheryakov Nikita

Category 2: "Sguad Science Fiction"
1. Yaroslav (Yaroslav)
 2. Zabrodin Alexandr (endoflife)
 3. Anikeev Daniil

Category 3 "Monsters and Vehicles Science Fiction" 
1. Yaroslav (Yaroslav)
2. Nadezhda Reka (River)
 3.Denis Dubanevich (ЧК)

Category 4 "Single Miniature Fantasy"
1. Ivan Melnikov (Nakatan)

 2. Andrey Tzedilin (TSE)
3. Alexandr Kataurov (Alessandro)

Category 5 "Band Fantasy"
1. Nadezhda Reka (River)
2. Michail Starov

 3. Vitaliy Zaitzev

Category 6 "Monsters and Machines Fantasy" 
1. Denis Dubanevich (ЧК)

2. Kristina Komarova
3. Yuriy Anufriev

Category 7 "Single historical miniature"
 1. Igor Ilyushenko
 2. Nikita Mezcheryakov
 3. Alexandr Yakimov 

Category 10 "The Duel"
1.Ivan Melnikov (Nakatan)
2. Michail Starov
 (pic will be published later)

3.  Nikita Mezcheryakov

Category 11 "Diorama"
1.Ivan Melnikov (Nakatan)

 2. Denis Dubanevich (ЧК)
 3. Denis Kornev

Category 12 "Open"
1.Ivan Melnikov (Nakatan)

2. Igor Ilyushenko (Brother Vinni)  - sculptor,  Ivan Melnikov - painter

 3. Andrey Tzedilin (TSE)

 That's it. All three of my exhibited works  took prizes. This victory didn't bring any joy becouse of weak competition (I do not mind Ivan Melnikov - he had no equal in this contest, not even close). I hope that next year will change this situation and the competition we will be able to please us a large number of high-quality work.

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