Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Learning is a light... Part 2.

    Let's continue a theme about my self-improvement in painting (you can read part 1 here).
    About two months ago I finished another painting course "Basics of painting".  I can explain my silence by an attempting to finish some unfinished works. But ... apparently it will be delayed for some time. So I want to show what I've done.
     On the drawing course we learned about form proportions, light and shade, perspective, texture, and other things. Now we learned about color, contrast, wholeness of composition. Also, we've tried various techniques and different materials: acrylicspastel, watercolor, oil, gouache.
     And, of course, many thanks to my teacher, Vyacheslav Ashikhin for his patience and professional work with our group.
     In general, here are some of me best works at this level.

   Acrylic, paintig from nature:

 Mono palette, acrylic, paintig from nature:

This sample was done in a "pointillism"style (we call it "dotting" :)), acrylic, paintig from nature:
This sample was done by watercolor from a picture on a A3 format sheet. And, frankly speaking, I  gave up at  the lavender field :). To my mind, watercolor was seemed to me the most difficult of all materials because it's almost impossible to correct something.

And this is my first attempt at pastels (pastel pencils), also done from picture. 
But I did not finish the most interesting - oil work . Maybe one day I'll sit down  ...

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