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Bone Singer. Step-by-step.

   Once again, the work from the "gym". At this time everything was sad from the beginning and my "student"  already given up on the first steps for unknown reasons. But the throwing the started work is not in my habit, so the Singer reached the finish line. 

 This character is not in the official codex, but I've found some information about rules for him (by the way, published by GW), which can be used in some friendly games. In any case, it can always be used as farsir.
Bone singer - elite o-1
squad size 1

ws  bs   s   t   w   i    a   ld   sv
4     4    3  3   2   5   1    9    3+


Equipment: shuiken pistol, close combat weapon(sword), Horn of vaul
Horn of vaul.
the horn of vaul is a instrument which causes changes in wraith bone, it may play one song a turn, which act just like phychic powers, yet he will never suffer a perils of the warp attack.

Vauls forging.
The bonesinger plays a tune that tells of the great smith god vaul, this causes a vechicle which he is in contact with will mend a weapon destroyed result or an immoberlized one on a 4+.

Ynneads revenge.
a wraith guard which he has joined by the bonesinger will when one is killed be placed on his side, at the start of the next eldar turn you roll a dice for each wraithguard on there side, on a 4+ it gets back up and continues to fight, if wraith sight is failed they do not get a chance and are removed from play. This ability has no affect in close combat as the bonesinger must fight instead of playing.

Ishas garden.
The bonesinger begins to grow some wraith bone from the ground, this must be done in clear terrain. It creates a 6" by 6" square of terrain, this counts as a having a 5+ cover save but for every turn the bonesinger stays still while still playing this song the save will increase by 1 to a maximum of 3+

And now a little bit story of his birth :). This step-to-step is not so detailed as tutorial about Empire General, for example, but I have this information and just want to share :).


    Stripping: here is a boring work with knife and needle files. Special attention to the ends of the hat and the harp.
     Assembly: I always do the pins in all parts. It insures from some distructions hand / head / body during the painting and in the future. Hand drill, wire and glue are our helpers. I prefer to assembly the miniature as much as possible. Of course, if the hand or a shield will hinder for painting - I'll paint it separately. But there is nothing worse than inconsistencies details on already painted work when something is not right for each other because of the layer of primer / paint / simply strain at work.
     In addition to the assembly and cleaning, I decided to cut Singer from the thread, because painting it with a base will be very problematic for me. Also, I cut out of PVC more horns to built a simply base.

The skirt and cape.

Skirt:  1. Base: VMC Sky blue + GW Hawk Turquoise. Further I reduced the saturation of color in the shadows by adding complementary color (opposite on the color wheel). In my case it was GW Blazing orange. I little by little mix it in the base to get the darker and dirtier color, more darker in the deepest shadows. 
  2. Highlights: frome base mix to pure VMC Sky blue then to VMC Sky blue+white.
  3. I like to make the shadows delicious, so I add a red-brown color there (VMC Burnt, but often I used for this GW Dark Flesh).

  Cape. I think it should be dark as the skirt and horns will be bright, so I'll get a good contrast. I've stopped on the following version:
  base - Purple (VMC Violet). And again, to reduce the saturation of the base color I added in shadows complementary color - yellow and a bit of black. Highlights: from base to pure blue. And a glaze of red in the shadows. 

 Phantom bone.

   Base - VMC French, highlights to white, shadows with some GW Enchanted blue and black, final glaze with VMC Burnt Here is a very difficult surface, so painting is very long and dreary.


  First I used my usual way to make gold: VGC Charred brown - GW Snakebite leather - GW Bubonic brown - White. But this result seemed too warm for the miniature. So I decided to "chill out" it and replaced the GW Bubonic Brown for GW Sunburst yellow - Rakham Alchemical yellow (lemon yellow). I think it's better now.
  The first variant with warm gold:
 The second with cold gold:


I've done 100500+ gems and other details. No words.
 In principle, it is possible to stop on this stage. But it's boring. He needs a little bit freehands. I've decided to continue a music theme.

It's done!

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