Saturday, March 9, 2013

Military-historical exhibition in TM-club store in Moscow

There was the annual exhibition of the military-historical modelism from 3 February to 3 March 2013 in  TM-club store in Moscow. It had a military-historical orientation like Live eDISHion 2012. But there was one Fantasy category in which I took part with my five works.
  By a strange unknown reason the photography of this exhibition was strictly forbidden (and angry vendors relentlessly followed for this), but someone did it anyway (Russia!). So we can find some pics here.

  My result of this exhibition was gold in Fantasy single with Bone Singer and gold in Fantasy vignette (it was an unexpected new category) with Ork Kaptin Badrukk. One more gold went to Marina (Ringil) fot her Crusader in historical single 54mm.
   And now we are a happy owner of beautiful pieces of paper with a certain amount of waste in their store!

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