Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Goron. Confrontation.

    Here are the results of The RAB4 competition. What I can say - it was the most interesting and strong-competition on-line contest which I've ever seen. The list of participants is impressive - so many russian and foreign famous artist so well-known in our miniature world. In the result we have a possibility to see a lot of new interesting projects, and the most of it are the real "story". I warmly congratulate the winners - at first, to Kirill Kanaev, who is the member of our Serpentarium, for his  many-hands-zombie-budda. The second and the third places went to Karol Rudyk and Lynx. This trio is excellent!
    As for me I contributed to the competition, creating a history Gorgon (Rakham). This project was very difficult this time. May be it is the fault of the press of the expected high level competition. The idea of the temple has not been finalized  because of lack of my creative resources. 
   In addition, the judges are absolutely right pointing my main coloristic mistake - the use of contrasting colors without their "connection" with each other. I know this rule but didn't use it on The gorgon, don't know why. Fascinated by contrast, forgetting about integrity. 
     But, I hope that someone listing the gallery will like the image I created.

 The miniature is done on the game base so it can be separated from the display base.

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