Monday, January 19, 2015

Cicero. Eldar wraithknight.

"Many millennia before the 41st millennium, a Harlequin Shadowseer had a twin, a fellow Harlequin, who was slain by a daemon of slaanesh. Grief stricken, and not wanting to part with her twin, the shadowseer defies the law of the craftworlds and in secret places her spiritstone inside a wraithknight, planning to pilot the wraithknight herself, and forever be connected with her twin. When the rulers of the craftworld realize what she has done, they banish her, and the wraithknight from society forever, to walk the webways alone. And so she does, taking the name "Cicero," wanders the darkness of webway alone, connected to her sister always, some times appearing to help the eldar." 
Peter Almo
So I had a wonderful task for painting to сonvey the atmosphere of loneliness, sadness and abandonment. I believe that coped with it ).



With optional weapon:



  1. You've really done a great job and your freehand is nothing short of amazing :)

  2. This is your best work so far, in my opinion. Everything is flawless; concept, colors, mood, freehand. Especially the face, very attractive and caught my eye.

  3. Nadya, working with you was such a pleasure, you have brought "Cicero" (name of the slaaneshi demon who killed her sister) to life perfectly. You are an amazing and beautiful talent, and I can't wait to work with you again!

  4. Guys, thank you so much! It's so pleasure to bath in your kind words! And Peter, special thanks to you for this commission and possibility to do something more than simple tabletop miniature ).

  5. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.... Makes me won't to cry with joy

  6. Here again:

    You’re one of my favorite painter on Putty and Paint, I love your colors, displays and the perfect blending. But this Mini is extraordinary – one of the best Minis I have ever seen. Thank you very much and sorry about my bad English.

    Greets to Moscow from Cologne,

    Eric :)

  7. This is just incredible, saw some photos on Twitter, had to comment.
    The mask/face is fantastic!