Friday, April 5, 2013

The Wolf's Den. Part 1: The Base

   About a year ago I painted a comission work - Headhunter from Confrontation. It was the beginning of my love in this miniatures. And I could not choose a favorite - the "evilDevourers of Vile-Tis, or "good" Wolfen of Illia. Since then, I was sure that these miniatures will decorate my own shelves.

   And finally, I became an owner of some wolves. So I've decided to start with Ashan-Tyr and Varghar.
      My work did not require a game base as intended exclusively for my shelf, so I decided to make a display base. The base turned out too big for one Ashan-Tyr so I added Varghar to the composition.

The base.

  First I want to thank Ravenswood for invaluable help in creating that large tree, and others (husband and friends)  for the valuable advices and guidance.
   Here I just formed the atmosphere of forest, placed and the characters.
  Then I added the details. At this stage the idea of the wolf's den was born. In my imagination it must be the nest with the remains of prey aroundwhich is protected by the main characters (and why not?). I added a small wolf skulking from the other side while "parents" are distracted. Of course, the raven on the tree add some charm. And how without mushrooms? :). 

  The base after painting:

And then, listening to the advices of my husband, friends and colleagues, the base took the following form:

With the wolves:

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  1. OMG even the base is absolutely awesome!! :)