Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Morrigan. Eldar Wraithknight. WIPs

Now I want to tell short story about one of my non-standard project in 2017. It was commission for Eldar Wraithknight. I've painted one before in interesting color scheme  (Cicero), but I didn't want to do the same second time.
So, listing associations and images inside my head I've got an image of Morrigan.

Who is Morrigan? In two words:
Morrigan is the goddess of war in Irish mythology. She is a goddess and in the same time she includes three differend goddesses inside (Badb - fury, Maha - malice, Nemain - poison). Also 

I decided to use all this info to create my new Wraithknight.

This picture help me to choose colors and athmosphere of this project:

First of all I've made some changes in the model: reposing, wings, additional crow on her shoulder.

Body beneath the armor. Techno texture.
1. Lightning with airbrush
2. Drawing tech texture lines with black color
3 and 4. Highlighting "edges"

1. Base color - blue+gray (brush, don't spoil the pattern on the body)
2. white light (airbrush)
3. painting mountains (airbrush+self-made stencil)
4. whire horisont line beneath the mountains (airbrush)
5. crows (brush)
6. red-brown shadows + blue glaze over all surface (airbrush)

100500+ yellow gemstones ), details

   There was an unpleasant incident during shipping Morrigan to her owner. The package was on its way almost 2 months ans the model was broken. Such things happens some times, I've had it twice in my practice. I repainted legs, they was broken and had scratches everywhere. So I could take picture of them separate from the body ))).

The head. I didn't like my first trying to paint her head. It was like as on Cicero, but worse. So I decided to join woman face + crow face + three goddesses as three eyes in one. So I've got the final variant:

Morrigan almost is ready ).

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