Monday, January 7, 2013

Selafyn High Elf

   This  Ravenswood's miniature spent a long long time on my shelves before I pained it. I could not choose a color scheme for this elf. And just before the New Year the Moscow frosts inspired me on this cold cold blue (it seems it's a standard scheme, isn't it? :)). So the present for my frend was done.
    I've noticed that
I can't get a good pictures of some my miniatures. And Selafyn is just one of them. I've made  several attempts with different lighting but I'm not satisfied with the result - the pics look blurry, especially the faces. The same situation was with Lelith GesperaxOf course, maybe it's not a problem of photographing but the problem of painting quality of these miniatures  because I haven't such problems with most of my others works.

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